Brazil covers half of South America and 250 million people call Brazil home.  There are seven cities with over a million and a half people.  Sao Paulo alone has nearly 20 million people!  The Amazon River is located in central Brazil and drains most of Brazil.  It dumps 70 times more water into the Pacific Ocean than the Mississippi River dumps into the Gulf of Mexico!  Seventy-four percent of the Brazilian residents claim some form of Catholicism which is often layered with Mysticism and Voodoo.

ZMI Family Ministries International’s Presence:  The National Director for Brazil is Adrianna Marquez with Pat Martins de Sa as our Missionary advisor.  Pat’s husband Roberto, who is intimately involved with this ministry, is the pastor of Agape Church Association.  Regional leaders are Fritas, Marluce, Suely, Fabiana and Aurelia.