Nicaragua is the largest Central American country.  It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the eastern border is the Caribbean Sea, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean.  That coastline is also known as the Mosquito coast because of its vast swamps.  It’s slightly larger than the state of NY and is bordered on the north by Honduras and on the south by Costa Rica.  About 6 million people populate Nicaragua and roughly 73% claim some form of Catholicism which is often layered with Mysticism and voodoo.  Multiple civil wars have plagued Nicaragua for centuries.  The per capita income is roughly $3800.







ZMI Family Ministries International’s presence:  National Director Odily Serrando Hernandez helps identify leaders and assists them in starting ZooKeepers Groups in Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica.




ZMI Family Ministries International Goes to Nicaragua
by Brenda Lancaster
Well, many of you have asked about the Nicaragua mission trip and I am happy to report that God did an amazing work there. We arrived in Managua on the 14th and after a good nights rest hit the ground running. After attending 2 services on Sunday, we conducted four Women’s conferences over the next 4 days. What an awesome time we had teaching and fellow-shipping with precious women in towns all around the city of Grenada.
Three New Princesses and their little ones.

They came on foot from the volcano mountain side, on horseback, bicycle, bus and in the back of trucks – but come they did! Some had to leave their home on foot at daybreak in order to get to the conference on time. We were blown away by their determination to hear God’s Word.

We saw 36 women , mostly young moms, come to Christ at the ladies conferences and at least 62 new Bible study groups started – all at different churches! We have names of the ladies you sponsored and will get the list completed and emailed as soon as possible. You won’t believe the stories! One 16 year old mother, living on the streets told us “My life is worth nothing”. Well, we showed her from God’s Word the truth of His love, forgiveness and purpose for her life. With tears she joyfully accepted Him as Savior and traveled by bus to the ladies conference the next day. Randall gave her the bus fare hoping she would go and she did!

In one town especially, we discovered the problem of physical abuse of women rampant. We counselled with them as best we could and prayed together for the Lord to send someone to partner with us to minister to them on a permanent basis, and the very next day He sent a lady who has a ministry for that very purpose. She will work under Odily’s leadership to reach out to those ladies. Dr. Herrod preached that night and challenged the men to cease the abuse and to love their wives as Christ commanded.

We gave out the 200 books you sent and you should have seen the looks on the faces of those who received one. You would have thought it was gold. YOU GUYS ROCK! THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOU DID TO MAKE THIS MISSION HAPPEN……AND ITS ONLY JUST BEGUN! We plan to return to Nicaragua in 2010. They have a goal to double the attendance and double the souls. Pray now about joining us on the mission field. Also, Dr Herrod has asked us to take ZMI International into El Salvador, Columbia and Argentina in the next year. Please pray with us for the finances needed to fulfil these mission opportunities. We simply cannot do it alone. But we know – where God calls, He has a way!

Rita Reid did an awesome job. She gave her testimony numerous times – for the first time in public, and saw her first convert to the Lord. She did an incredible job with the administrative responsibilities, along with Susan Kimmerly, (4th from left), a new friend and ministry partner from Tennessee who will help work with ZooKeepers Team Leader for Nicaragua, Odily Serrano de Flores (far right). Odily was also blown away  how the Lord put this team together in so short a time, but Odily now has 12 national leaders to help her spread the Word through out the country, 7 regional leaders and 64 group leaders. It’s amazing this all came together in just 4 days. The power of God and His plan amazes me! He truly did go Beyond all that we could have asked or thought. Please pray for Odily as she leads this new venture to minister to the precious women of Nicaragua.

In addition to the women’s conferences, crusades were conducted Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Many came to the Lord in salvation as Dr. Ron Herrod preached each night. In the of Diriomo, said to be the capital of witchcraft in Central America, we saw literally hundreds come to the Lord during that two night event. We saw the Lord work in a great and mighty way as He showed that “Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.”

We were also blessed with the privilege of seeing RHEMA International Graduation 2009, where new pastors graduated from seminary and will begin pastoring churches through out Nicaragua. Many will plant new churches in their communities and cities.

” Chagy”, a youth evangelist whom the Lord is using in a mighty way brought a special message for children and youth. Many came to the Lord as “Chagy” the clown taught them the plan of salvation in a way they could understand. “Chagy” has an international ministry to gangs, winning many of them to Christ all across Central America. I felt privileged to witness many of what some would call “unreachables” come to Christ through his ministry.

Medical clinics Monday-Thursday saw hundreds of people receive much needed medical assistance. But the greatest, most important thing that happened at all of the outreach ministries was seeing hundreds of men, women, teens and children find eternal hope through Christ. 200 women received the books you sponsored – which is only half of the women who attended the conferences. We are in the process of trying to get more books printed in Managua to supply the 62 new churches getting ready to offer the study.

WE COULD TELL YOU WERE PRAYING! After five days of ministry Rita & I arrived home tired but blown away by all our Lord did. We were all praying He would go Beyond Beyond and He heard our prayers in a BIG WAY!
I am so sorry communications were sparse – the only place in the country that we were near for phones or Internet was at the hotel , but neither of our phones worked. There was an Internet cafe across the street from the hotel but we were gone by the time it opened each morning and didn’t return until after they had closed each night. My laptop couldn’t connect online, the hotel computer was either out of commission or lined up with people waiting for it – all in all what you’d expect to “happen” when the Lord is working 🙂 and working He was!

Last, but certainly not least – we were truly blessed to be with a team of people from all over the US. God knit our hearts together as we each worked within the spiritual gifts the Lord had given us. Together as a team God used each of us and we all give Him ALL praise, honor and glory for all that was accomplished.
Chagy and his 16 year old daughter, Angelicia

Nyni, my interrupter through out the mission.
She and her Mom will help Odily with
ZMI Team Nicaragua
Rita Reid & Brenda
Comrades in Arms

Dr. Ron Herrod,
Literally hundreds came to Christ
during the Crusades

Again, thank you each and every one for all you did to help make this mission possible. Please continue to pray for the women there and for ZMI Family Ministries International to continue to bring the message of Jesus Christ to them and their families and make a difference in their hearts and lives.

Brenda Lancaster
ZMI Family Ministries International
Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked about how to sponsor books to Nicaragua – The cost of each book sponsored is $10. Please include a note of encouragement to the women who will receive your books, as they love receiving the notes from America! The mailing address for donations is:

ZooKeepers Ministries
P.O. Box 1111
Jamestown, NC 27282

Nicaragua is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Women there are desperate for Biblical teaching specific to women – which is exactly what Living in a Zoo teaches. Dr Ron Herrodof R.H.E.M.A. International has invited us to join him in ministry there November 14-20. The leadership team on the groundin Nicaragua first said they hoped to do one conference – one city with about 50 women. They have since come back and said they have already scheduled four conferences in four cities with about 400 expected in attendance. About 50% can read, so that computes to 200 books needed. This does not include the Pastors/Leadership Training Conference we will do our last day there to equip them to continue taking it to the people over the next months. We will also donate DVD teaching sets to those who speak English as an additional teaching tool. We are in the process of searching for transcription volunteers to help in dubbing the DVD’s for Spanish (and Portuguese for Brazil.)

Therefore, the need for book sponsorships and travel expenses is great. We have the cost of my trip covered but we still need funds for a traveling companion to go with me, as I sure do not want to go alone. We are looking for a female traveling companion who can go now. The travel cost for the companion will be $1400. It’s expensive I know, but Dr Herrod is very careful about our safety while there and provides extra protection as we travel from city to city and sees that we stay in the safest places which does cost more.

Thanks so much for passing the word to help us get out THE WORD. We are so thankful for your support!


October 20, 2011

Mission Update from Beverly and Team:

Hola! We’re having a great time in Nicaragua. The weather is unusually cool(meaning it’s not hot as blue blazes!) and how thankful to God we are for that! We will be going to churches in Masatepe and Nandasmo today at 2pm and 5pm, so would appreciate your prayers as we present the ZMI International to the ladies there. Also, one of our interpreters, Nyni, is sick with fever, cold/flu like symptoms. We are making her stay home and rest today! Please pray for her healing, that the rest of the team will stay healthy, and for our interpreter, Luisa, who will be doing all the interpreting today. How blessed we are to have such beautiful, faithful, Christian young women to translate for us. We’ll keep you updated and thanks again so much for your ongoing prayers 🙂

October 19, 2011

Missions Update from Brenda and Team in Nicaragua:

God is at work! We need your prayers! Yesterday the Lord did a mighty work raising up leaders in new Zones. One precious woman – already a leader in the church – had been crying out to know how she could have a relationship with Jesus. It had never been explained to her. She is now safe and secure in Him! She accepted the Lord with all her heart and said, “Finally!! I know the truth and have peace in my heart! ” 13 new towns reached yesterday – 31 new leaders to start groups next week.
To God be the Glory! Great things He had done!!