How to Have Peace With God

My friend, are you at wits end, frustrated, burned out, and looking for answers just like I was many years ago? I know how you feel – I have been there and done that. Maybe our situations aren’t exactly the same, but being at your wit’s end feels the same no matter what has gotten you to that point.

I want you to know that I found hope, help and harmony in my life during one such time and I know you can too. I found that no matter what the pressures or circumstances of life are, there is hope and continuing help that comes from the God who loves you – yes YOU – no matter who you are, what you have done, or haven’t done – He loves you and wants to have a relationship with you.

But how in the world do you go about having a relationship with the God of the Universe? I thought it sounded impossible too, but I was wrong. It is incredibly possible and what’s more, God wants that very thing with you more than you do!

If you wanted to become friends with someone how would you go about it? First, you’d do what you could to get to know them – maybe ask them outright, or approach them with an invitation to spend time with you, like lunch or something else. You would want to do something to let them know of you desire to be friends.

The same is true of beginning a relationship with God, we just need to let Him know we desire to have a relationship with Him. I know how you feel though – just like me, you have messed up in the past – sometimes in big ways, and you may think that God won’t want you anymore. Nothing could be futher from the truth and He has gone to incredible trouble to let you know that.

He is calling your name. All you need to do is answer Him by asking Him, through Jesus Christ, to forgive you and come in to your heart and life. Would you like to ask Him right now? Maybe you are a young mom like I was when I finally found the path to victory in my life. Maybe you are younger, single, single again, or older now, and are still looking for peace, harmony and victory.

If you are ready to turn from you way and turn to God then tell Him these things from your heart – I promise He will hear you and answer you: Tell Him,

  1. You know you have often messed up in this life-sinned-and you are truly sorry and ready to turn from it to a better life, a path to victory, peace and joy.
  2. You believe in Christ and His death on the cross where He took the penalty of sin in your place.
  3. You want to ask Him to come into your heart and life and forgive you of everything you have ever done wrong, and show you how to live a better life from this point forward.
  4. Now, do just that, ask Him these things and then claim His promise! The Bible says in Romans 10:13, “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.(NKJV) Who-so-ever includes ALL, you and me. He doesn’t say He might forgive you, it says He WILL forgive you, so accept Him at His word. Whichever translation you read, it doesn’t get much clearer than that. It is a promise straight from God to you. And God always keeps His promises.

Acceptance of Christ is not the end, it’s only the beginning of a new enriched live with the God who made you and gave you life! He loves you so much!

I would love to hear from you! Would you write us and let us share in your joy and help you from this day forward learn more about Him, His promises and His promised victory. I would love to hang with you as you move forward in your new found faith. Be sure to sign up to recieve our daily devotionals & monthly newsletters automatically. It will encourage you as you maneuver through this zoo of a life! We would like to encourage you and answer any questions you may still havce. We’d also like to offer help and friendship as you embark on your new spiritual journey.

I know you still may have many questions but if you have made this decision today, your life from this day forward can be one of victory – no matter what your life circumstances are. Jesus hasn’t promised us that we won’t have problems, but He has promised to be with us and never leave us – through the problems. He has promised to give us joy and abundant life here on earth, and eternal life in heaven.

We are thrilled that you have made this, the most important decision you will ever make!

Please email me and let me know about your decision at:

Here are some things that will help you get started on your new life.

Now your journey begins.

  1. Get a Bible that is easy for you to understand. The New Living Translation is a good one to start with because it is translated from the original using modern terminology.
  2. Read the Bible and pray every day. The Bible is divided into two Testaments, the Old and New Testaments, having a total of 66 books. You will understand scripture and the decision you have made better if you start reading the New Testament first. Look in the table of contents of your Bible and go to the book of I John. Read that book first, then go back to the first book of the New Testament and start reading there.
  3. Get into a Bible Study with others, if you are a woman, get in a women’s study, and a man will probably want to get into a study that has other men. It just helps to study with others like yourself and men and women are definitely different!
  4. Get in a local Bible believing church. We can possibly help you find one is you will ask.
  5. Begin making new friends right away who are also believers. This will be great encouragement for you.
  6. Speak to your new church about believer’s baptism. It is the first thing our Lord asks us to do after becoming a believer.