Virtual Missions Projects

It takes teamwork to make a dream work!

Everyone can’t go…but everyone can participate by joining our community of Virtual Mission Teams.

Who can join? Anyone from anywhere. Small groups, large groups or anything in between. Churches, Bible study groups, Childrens groups, Little League Teams, Employee groups, Businesses, clubs, men’s groups…just use your imagination and help with team projects you choose from the list below. We’ll post a picture of your team which will guarantee regular updates to your team to see how God uses their efforts!

Descriptions and Sign Up Sheet for Nicaragua Virtual Missions for 2016

Travel Scholarship TeamFor those who can’t go but give so others can go. DONATE HERE

Equippers TeamProvide Bibles & Bible study books to men and women for The Nehemiah Project – The PRINCIPLES FOR FAMILY RESTORATION. Send a personal message and a ZMI Bible study book for $12 per person. To include a Spanish Bible – $25 per person. Sponsor a multiplication group for $75. This provides training and all supplies for a leader to teach, lead, and multiply groups. DONATE HERE

Shoes for Solidaridad – Put shoes on a child’s feet – $10 per child for closed in shoes for the rainy season and flip-flops for the dry season.  We purchase the shoes in Nicaragua due to expensive shipping and customs charges.

Food for Families – $20 will feed a family of four for 2 weeks. This is temporary solution but helps families in crisis who have no means to means to support themselves.  DONATE HERE

Boys for Baseball – Participate in one of two ways. #1 -Collect baseball equipment for boys and coaches. Set up collection points throughout your city. Only cost is for shipping. #2 Donate funds to help build backstops, purchase bases and field equipment for new teams. DONATE HERE

Hygiene for Health – Pack hygiene kits for families. Cost about $6-8 per kit if purchased at Dollar Tree, Big Lots or other discount stores. Engage the community by setting up collection points for packed kits. Each kit should contain the following item packed into a gallon Ziploc bag: 4 Toothbrushes, 1 Tube of Toothpaste (4-7 oz), 1-2 Combs, 5 Elastic Hair Bands, 1 Bar of Antibacterial Soap, 1 Box of Band-aids, 1 Tube of Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 1 Tube of Hydrocortisone Cream (no Benadryl) Please remove items from boxes. To register for this particular project see form on page 2. To donate funds for this project DONATE HERE

PMS Partnership for Women – Women in poverty-stricken areas use trash, old rags, or anything they can find during their cycle. Girls often miss school because of the lack of protection. Purchase pre-made Menstrual Kits for Women & Teen girls – $15 each. This kit is washable, contains sanitizing agent, and will last up to 3 years. We partner with It’s Our Ministry. Period on this project. DONATE HERE

Sewing for Success“Don’t just give a fish – teach them how to fish” is our motto for this project. Help women feed their family by supplying Sewing Stations. Starter kits include a machine, fabric, and supplies to make PMS menstrual kits to sell throughout their country. The cost per station is $500. DONATE HERE


Please take a picture of your team and email it to us along with your Team Name. It will be posted on our website so others can be encouraged by your participation, and those in Nicaragua can also see your picture so they know who is helping them! They have a team in Nicaragua who pray and fast for those who are a part of this mission. Make no mistake about it…you are vital in the success of this mission! You will receive regular updates – and updates on FaceBook while we are there in April. You will be able to join in the celebration of seeing God’s hand at work and the Fruit that comes from your efforts! God bless you as you build your team, and join us on mission!

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PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR PROJECTS – Description of each project is on the previous page.

Evangelism – Travel Scholarships
Equippers – Bibles and Bible Study Books
Food for Families
Shoes for Solidaridad
Boys for Baseball
Hygiene for Health
PMS Partnership for Women – Partnering with It’s Our Ministry. Period.
Sewing for Success


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