A Word From The Founder

First and foremost, this ministry is about becoming a support system for you – today’s woman; to help you find hope for your heart, help for your family and harmony for your home. It is about meeting you where you are right now, not where you or someone else thinks you should be. Why? Because I once needed the same thing. I was struggling big-time with being a woman, a wife and a mom in the midst of the redefined roles of women in the seventies. I needed help and did not know where to find it.

Because of those struggles so, I want to help other women find the same hope, help and harmony that I found through years of searching. Life does not have to be a Zoo every day! Life doesn’t have to move from one drama to another every day. Even in the midst of balancing home, family, work and just being a woman – you too can find harmony and peace! Peace… with God and peace with other people. You can have harmony in your home.

We live in very difficult times. The landscape of life in our culture is changing drastically. Fear, anxiety, anger and apprehension are dominating the hearts of many women. Families are falling apart at an alarming rate.

So what do you do when life makes no sense – when the frustration level is a 12 on a scale of 10?  That is what this ministry is all about. Helping you calm down, identify the source of all it all and focus on a solution. 

This ministry is about finding peace in your heart and permanent change in your life.

There are nine basic life principles for women that brought victory and peace to my life. My hope is to share them with you and help you apply them to your life.  And they will yours, too, if you truly understand them in your heart and practice them in your actions.

We offer encouragement, teaching, mentoring and practical, hands-on solutions for twenty-first century women caught in the quagmire of a struggling culture. ZMI Family Ministries International was born for just that purpose.

Contact us by email, blog with us online, or join us on Facebook. Come with us to one of our events, and let us partner with you in friendship as we navigate the storms of life.  Together we will find victory through the One who never fails to lead us to Hope, Help and Harmony in Women’s Hearts and Homes!

Brenda Lancaster, Founder