Part 4 Wanted: Wisdom – Get It? Got It. Good!

“If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving God [Who gives] to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him.”

James 1:5 AMPC

As we close out this 4-part wisdom series, let’s review quickly what we have learned so far. Upon recognizing our lack of wisdom, we can go directly to the Source and ask for it. In our asking, we must have faith without doubting because doubt will only leave us feeling like a storm-tossed wave – helpless and out of control. The one who doubts is like a person with two minds, thinking two different things at the same time, very unsteady and unreliable.

As we have digested James 1:5-8, you may have noticed that I skipped over the last part of verse 5. That was purposeful on my part so that I could leave you with what I perceive to be the most exciting and encouraging words found in this Scripture passage.

God promises that if we ask for wisdom HE WILL GIVE IT! Not only will He give it, but He’ll do so with generosity to everyone. That’s right, EVERYONE – not just a few, or some, or the favored, or the elite, but all. In addition, there will be no criticizing, scolding, rebuking, nitpicking, or blaming on God’s part. He does not look for a reason to withhold His wisdom.

Upon understanding what God has made available to us, it reminds me of a scene from the movie The Court Jester. The conspirator, after giving instructions to his accomplice, follows with the question, “Get it?” The accomplice quickly replies, “Got it,” and the conspirator answers, “Good!” I am certainly not suggesting that God is a schemer, but instead, He is the only wise God (Rom. 16:27). When we seek Him for wisdom in our decision making, He will give it. It’s our job to listen, get it, and follow through accordingly. If He asks, “Get it?”, I pray we can answer, “Got it.” If so, we are certain to hear, “Good!”

[Digging deeper – Matthew 7:7-8; Mark 11:24; Luke 21:15]

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I’m in a new season of life now. Gone are the days wrestling with three little boys. Almost gone are the days of wrestling with six fantastic little grandkids. How sad. However, the memories of stories and time spent – and the lessons learned – will last a lifetime. Join me this week as I share meaningful lessons learned from the children in my life…one of those children was even me.




FALLEN_TREE_#2I met Marcus Twisdale when he was five only years old. Soon after meeting him, his mom, my close friend Mikki, told me about a Christmas story that happened when Marcus was just a toddler…a spunky, into everything, toddler, who like most, didn’t want to hear what he didn’t want to hear. And the word “no” was one he especially didn’t want to hear.

As Mikki was getting ready for work one morning close to Christmas, Marcus came barreling into the bathroom demanding, “Mom, I want to hold the ornaments and I want eggs and bacon for breakfast”.

“No Marcus”, Mikki said. I don’t’ have time to fix eggs and you don’t have time to hold the ornaments. Mama has to go to work. Now go eat your cereal.”

After the third try to get his Mama to cook bacon and eggs, and let him hold the ornaments, he ran out of the bathroom. Mikki assumed he’d finally taken no for an answer, and was eating his cereal.  Then she heard the crash that vibrated through the whole house. Running into the living room she saw the Christmas tree on the floor, ornaments smashed all around, and a tiny voice echoing from under the fallen tree saying “Hep me Mama, hep me.”

Of course she did. Just like Jesus will do for us. We sometimes make a mess of things and get into situations we can’t handle. Stuck in our disobedience, our life breaks apart just like the ornaments on the Marcus’ Christmas tree. However, God sent Jesus, His Son, to rescue us from our failures and messes, if only we will turn to Him and admit the wrong of what we’ve done. King David knew what it was like to be in a mess and need God’s rescue.  In Psalm 4:1, David cried out,

Answer me when I call to you,
    O God who declares me innocent.
Free me from my troubles.
    Have mercy on me and hear my prayer.

God did just that for David. He will do it for us too. Call out to him today!

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