Pondering Proverbs: The Plea for Purity (Part 3)

“Can you build a fire in your lap and not burn your pants? Can you walk barefoot on hot coals and not get blisters? It’s the same when you have sex with your neighbor’s wife: Touch her and you’ll pay for it. No excuses.”
Proverbs 6:27-29 MSG

To countless millions in our twenty-first century America, sexual purity is an archaic virtue. It’s hard to escape the lies and deceptions straight from the pit of hell that are so glamorously portrayed in our movies, TV shows, billboards, advertisements, and music. All have desecrated and devalued the sacred gift of sex God intended for a husband and wife. Yet, many families have experienced the true heartbreak, shame, and ugliness of the deceit.

In my study of Proverbs, I noticed within the first few chapters some rather lengthy descriptive passages of the dangers and consequences of sexual immorality. There is a heightened sense of warning for men to beware of the charm and deceit of a harlot. Though these Scriptures speak specifically to the male gender, the lessons taught within its pages certainly apply to women as well.

In today’s vernacular and a little help from the Message Bible J, I have listed below some words of warning and wisdom from Proverbs. Use them to ward off sexual temptation when it comes knocking at your door.

Words of warning:

5:3-6 The adulteress’s lips and words are sweet and smooth but turn to gravel in your mouth. Her dances of Death lead straight to hell, taking you with her.

6:24-25 Don’t listen to the seductive talk of a temptress or be taken in by her bedroom eyes. She’ll reduce you to bread and eat you alive!

6:32-35 Adultery is a brainless act. It will destroy you, not to mention the rage you will ignite from the cheated spouse. Nothing you do can make it all right.

7:21-23 Don’t let the evil woman bewitch you with her smooth talk or you’ll soon be like a calf on the way to the slaughter house.

Words of wisdom:

5:7-20 Listen to the voice of the wise and STAY away from sexual temptation!

6:20-24 Heed the godly advice of your parents; wrap it around you from head to toe!

7:1-5, 25 Wisdom’s teaching is as precious as your eyesight – guard it! Write it on your hands; etch it on your heart; let it be your companion to ward off that smooth-talking, honey-tongued Seductress. Don’t fool around with her; don’t even stroll through her neighborhood!                                             [Digging Deeper – make time to read chapters 2, 5, 6, and 7 of Proverbs.]

Remaining pure,

Beverly <><




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