Jesus is calling us…issuing a special invitation. Will you accept?



“Faithful is He who calls you and He will do it!” 

I Thessalonians 5:24, NLT

When the Lord called me to this ministry, I never dreamed I’d go on mission into the countries of South and Central America, or to the Dominican Republic. When I heard His call to write and teach, I distinctly thought it was a call to the American home. Then Pastor Roberto asked if he could translate it into Portuguese and invited us to Brazil to teach and train their workers to use it. Afterwards, on the way home, I sat in shock praying, “Lord, I thought you sent me to the American home.”

“I didn’t say that – you said that,” the Lord whispered in my ear.

Then my mind drifted back to a time two years earlier when I had been traveling and speaking at event after event. Most groups seemed to be more interested in being entertained than in reaching the lost or teaching women the truths of God’s Word. Our focus as a ministry is to train and teach women Biblical truths that will help them keep their marriages and homes together and to partner with them for the long haul.

One day – on the day of my granddaughter’s birthday party with her little friends, I was on my way home from such a meeting thinking how I had missed her party for a group of women who had no interest whatsoever in practicing or teaching God’s plan for women and their families. In desperation, I cried out, “Lord, please spare me from this! Please send me to ‘where the fields are white!’”

From that day on, I never received another invitation for that type of speaking event. That is significant because in the beginning I promised the Lord I would never turn down an invitation unless the date was already booked. Within the year, the Lord had us in Brazil for the first time, where over 200 accepted Christ, and that was just the beginning. From the northern most point of Brazil to the south, marriages are being restored. Women and many of their husbands are coming to Christ.

He sent us to Nicaragua five times, where the message is spreading like wildfire. It moved into Costa Rica from there, and into Honduras where it is also multiplying like crazy. The Dominican is spreading the message. China, Mexico City, and Cuba are waiting in the wings. This is a testimony of what God will do when very ordinary people cry out for Him to send us to the harvest!

But my friend, the fields are white in America too. We are desperate for the hope and help for our families, too. Marriages are breaking up, and many are losing their kids. If we join together just as our sisters across the water, we can take back our families for Christ too!

Join us! Email me and join other women as we take a stand and move out on mission right here in our own backyard!

Until next time,

Your Traveling Partner


Some of My Favorites: Live in Unity with Other Believers

I’m not great at memory work, but I have a book of my favorite Scriptures. I add to it as a new verse touches my heart. Can I share a few with you?


Live in Unity with Other Believers

I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought.

1 Corinthians 1:10

praying_on_bible_redIf you have read Paul’s letters to the church at Corinth, you understand that these believers were having some issues! He was quite frank with them and did not hesitate to give them a good “preaching to.”

I believe it is safe to say that today’s churches have their own issues. People are people. Even so, our churches strive to be the best they can be, and I praise God for my church.

But what I think about when I read this verse is the body of Christ, the true church. There are many Christian “churches,” going by different labels or names, but as true Christians we are all part of the same body. We are all part of the same church.

If all the Christians just in America could ever come together in one mind and of one accord, oh, what a revival we would see! The spiritual strength of our unity would be overwhelming. It would be absolutely beautiful. The praises to our Lord would rock the heavens.

Now that would be something to see.

Lord, help us to understand that there are many believers in this world and we are all part of the same family. Your family. Oh, how we love You.