Okay Lord, Now I Need … a Piece of Chocolate

“Now it came about that when Sanballat heard that we were rebuilding the wall, he became furious and very angry and mocked the Jews … But we prayed to our God … So we carried on the work…”

Nehemiah 4:1, 9, & 21, NASB

Chocolate ID-10054941I walked into my kitchen and totally forgot what I was aiming to get. (Can this be happening to me already? Sure is … so frustrating!) As my mind scrambled to recall why I stood there, I good-naturedly spoke, saying, “Okay Lord, now I need …” And since I couldn’t recall the item, I filled in the blank with–you guessed it– “a piece of chocolate.” After eating said piece of chocolate, I’m trying now to focus.

Life gets crazy sometimes, and responsibilities bulge like an expectant mom ready to give birth. While God provides the strength and diligence required, I’ve been known to wander in circles before buckling down to work. Distractions, unexpected situations, procrastination–all of these can sidetrack me in my attempts to do what needs doing. Thankfully, God brings me around to the place where I accomplish the necessary. Despite me or life’s circumstances, He always finishes what He begins.

We might face opposition and obstacles on the way, but as long as we press forward with God’s will, we Will. Make. Progress.

Take Nehemiah for example. God called him to rebuild the wall, and he faithfully set about the task. Regardless of others’ anger, belittling, and threats, Nehemiah resolutely carried on his work. He knew what the Lord desired, and he didn’t allow anything to stop him. I’m so encouraged by his example: He prayed … and worked. Prayed some more … worked some more.

Now, I’m not facing anything as daunting as rebuilding a wall. Yet honestly, writing today’s devotion feels like a wall. I’ve struggled for a topic and delayed writing for that very reason. Dishes, laundry, and unpacking have claimed my attention. Then, after finally settling on this passage from Nehemiah, something unexpected–but very worthwhile–arose.

Dear friend, can you relate? What “wall” has God called you to rebuild? Does it stress and overwhelm you? Are others attempting to prevent your progress? We can combat our enemies the same way Nehemiah did: Pray and work. Pray some more … work some more. 

And hey–a piece of chocolate doesn’t hurt either :) .

Love to you in Christ as you labor for His glory,


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