Living with Grief Part Two

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” 
Proverbs 4:23 NIV

The last daily dose we examined some ways to help ourselves through the grieving process. We considered extending grace to others when we are hurting, and focusing on daily tasks to help us restore some normalcy. This is part two of the series. Here are three more  practical ways to help as we mourn and heal during times of tragedy or loss.

5. Find the good – Look for it, no matter how small. I focused on any good news I could find during the sadness. These things were small comforts, but they helped.

6. Set your heart- When the heart breaks it is like a broken bone. If it’s not set appropriately it will heal crippled- perhaps with guilt, anger, or bitterness. In your grieving, seek to keep the attitude of your heart healthy. You can do this by healthy mourning, praise and worship, finding comfort in a Bible reading or talking to trusted friends.

7. Take it to God- Whatever emotion you have in the healing process, God can handle it. He has BIG shoulders.        Remember, we have a Savior who’s acquainted with grief.  Jesus wept at His friend Lazarus’ death.  He knows how we feel.

The book of Job is a whole entreaty about mourning.  Job mourns, his wife mourns, his friends mourn with him.  Eventually Job takes his grief to God who sets him on a solid path.  God reminds Job that He is in charge and that nothing happens that He doesn’t allow.  Once Job repents of his bitter attitude and returns to God with humble acknowledgment, he begins to heal.  And in the end, Job is restored.  We can be restored too.

For our final daily dose in this series, we will finish with some additional ways to find  and extend comfort to others. These can be as simple as spending time in nature, or remembering what God has done in our past.

In Him,

Amy Horton

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